Investigation Strands

Business Models


How is blockchain reshaping the way business is conducted?

What role do tokens play in innovating your business model?

community empower


How may communities be turned into competitive advantage?

What is the path from open innovation to decentralized autonomous communities (DACs)?

Tech Convergence


What opportunities lie behind the convergence of exponential technologies?

How are intelligent and trusted services changing the competitive landscape?

Strategic Insights on Blockchain Innovation

At OverTheBlock we work on industry-specific as well as cross-sectoral needs.

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OverTheBlock is a Links Foundation’s initiative carried out by a multidisciplinary team of innovation researchers under the directorship of Enrico Ferro. The aim is to promote a wider awareness of the opportunities offered by the advent of exponential technologies in reshaping the way business is conducted and society is governed.

More specifically, the work carried out looks at the interplay between technological evolution, strategic management and public policy with the intent to provide key decision makers with:

  • an overview of industry-specific disruption trends
  • a clearer understanding of how business and governance practices are evolving
  • a set of tools to adopt an integrated approach to innovation management

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OverTheBlock is an open initiative led by LINKS Foundation in collaboration with a number of international partners that contribute in different ways from sustainability to knowledge creation.

We are chain agnostic, value oriented and open for discussion.

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