On October 1st Mediaverse project was officially launched. A three-year venture composed of eleven prominent European players from industry and academia whose aim is to bring to market innovative solutions for the world of media leveraging artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.

Mediaverse has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the “Next Generation Media” research strand. The project will develop a decentralized network of intelligent and accessible authoring and digital asset management tools allowing a barrier-free usage and integration in target media and platforms thanks to automated verification and monetization processes.

LINKS Foundation’s role in the project includes innovation management activities, AI-based media content discovery and adaptation, blockchain technology for media content rights management and market exploitation.

Mediaverse will also allow the creation of insightful and forward-looking research notes on the role of blockchain for digital rights management that will be disseminated via the Overtheblock online channels.

To keep up with the project evolution, please follow Mediaverse’s twitter account